Initial Shock 2023 Wrap

Almost a week later and we’re still riding the high from Initial Shock! We’d like to extend heartfelt thanks to all of our performers, each of whom brought their own unique and dynamic presence to the festival; to all those who attended, as your support was vital to the success of the festival; to our volunteers Owen Cole, Daniel Broomberg, and Sarah Etter whose help was essential in keeping the ship afloat and we could not have done it without any of them; and to our sponsors Cheap Thrills, Untitled Zine and Pizza Bouqeut for having our backs and providing us with treats for performers and attendees alike. Final shout-outs are owed to La Sotterenea and their staff for being great hosts, and to Lore for being the official festival photographer.

Stay tuned! Our upcoming shows are Death Kneel and Moss Harvest on August 25th, Bastard Noise on December 2nd, and mark your calendars for the next round of Initial Shock on July 6, 2024!

Thank you one and all,
Aaron and Taylor

Raffle Prizes from Initial Shock sponsors

Tomorrow is the big day! We will be holding a raffle draw in the evening, with tickets available for purchase throughout the day. For $5 per ticket, you’ll be entered into a draw to win one of the following prize packs, each valued at $75.

Prize 1:

$50 Cheap Thrills gift certificate
Keiji Haino – Abandon All Words… 2CD (Alien8 Recordings, 2001)

Prize 2:

$50 Scream & Writhe gift certificate
Keiji Haino – Abandon All Words… 2CD (Alien8 Recordings, 2001)

Prizes 3, 4, 5:

Untitled Zine, issues 3-6
Masonna – Frequency L.S.D. CD (Alien8 Recordings, 1998)

Prize 6:
Artbreakhotel – Karas LP (Buried In Slag And Debris, 2022)
Merzbow – Aqua Necromancer (Expanded) 2LP – limited white vinyl edition (Absurd Exposition, 2022)

Thanks to Cheap Thrills for donating the gift certificate and classic Alien8 CDs, to Untitled Zine for donating copies of their publication and the Artbreakhotel LP, and thanks to Scream & Writhe for donating the gift certificate and Merzbow 2LP.

See you all tomorrow! The noise starts at 2:30PM sharp!

Skin Tone and Un Regard Froid at Initial Shock

Mere days away, Initial Shock is proud to be presenting two local heavyweights: SKIN TONE and UN REGARD FROID.

skin tone is a solo performance practice; is saxophone, voice, mbira and electronics; is an exploration of possible futures; is a recapitulation of hi-stories erased; is an echo of free jazz both spiritual and harsh; is black.

Un Regard Froid is the nom de guerre of multimedia artist Frederick Maheux (Death Orgone, Lamashtu), the musical entity behind his work in cinema, video games, and academia. Blending all forms of audio degeneracy, his project continues industrial culture’s information war through philosophical and technological hijacking. URF performances are known to be intense and cathartically hostile, favoring junk metal, power tools, and accelerated meat as instruments. “Snorting gunpowder and the ashes of philosophers”.

Saturday, July 1. 2pm-11pm. $30 at the door. See you there.

Pizza Bouquet sponsors Initial Shock

We’re grateful to have Pizza Bouquet as a sponsor for Initial Shock. Locally-owned and operated in Montreal since 2018, @pizzabouquet is a spot favoured by many for their large slices, 16” pies and unique specials that make them arguably the best pizza joint in town. They’re located in Little Italy at 45 Rue Beaubien East, so you know where to go next time the craving strikes. Special thanks to Andre and the crew for helping us feed performers during the fest.

Initial Shock kicks off at 2pm this Saturday, July 1 @ La Sotterenea (4848 Boul. Saint-Laurent). See you there!

Fundraiser Matinee Show

A quick matinee for those that won’t get enough at INITIAL SHOCK NOISE FEST on July 1st

MURMUR (Halifax)
DEATH GLAZE (Hamilton)


PWYC – All proceeds go towards the out of town acts and to help recoup Initial Shock fest funds

Shameful and Reaching Needles + Bombaypainco at Initial Shock

With the fest only a week away, two more acts playing Initial Shock on July 1st are Ontarian noise artists SHAMEFUL and REACHING NEEDLES + BOMBAYPAINCO.

Shameful is a London, Ontario-based noise project formed in 2017. The goal is to create electronic sound that is as dynamic as it is harsh. Most recently, Shameful has had releases on Abhorrent A.D., Absurd Exposition, Industrial Coast, and most recently, an appearance on the four-way split tape released by Table Scraps. This will be Shameful’s first show back since 2018.

Granulated, glitching wall noise malpractice from Ottawa, Reaching Needles is Scott – chief bystander of Public Display of Affliction, the capital city’s best (only?) current noise show curator. For no other reason but to make things harder, R/N makes it’s Montreal debut as a duo with professional tattoo artist Jessica Vivian (Bombaypainco), armed with an amplified tattoo gun. With a general indifference to the pain of her partner, in an environment too loud for safe words, come witness the damage done.

Toanche Dwelling and Axiom at Initial Shock

With the festival encroaching, we’re excited to highlight two more performing artists: TOANCHE DWELLING and AXIOM.

Barrett E. Lediard is the sole director and lead sentient conduit for the Toanche Dwelling Preservation Society. Toanche Dwelling is an elemental pulse of information connecting specific places, people, events, etc. to the non-linear aspects of space/time. All of the answers are there, you just have to dig for them. Expect decayed washes of environmental invocations processed through little-to-no equipment.

Axiom is a Montréal-based noise research project. Having released their debut tape with Absurd Exposition in 2020, they also operate as a label with releases from Hellerine M, Anesthésie Locale and Malpertuis. For the last three years, Axiom have been refining their experiments through live performance and will soon release the resultant Axiom II recordings. Having birthed an intricate system of live electronics and computational modules, the resonant ratios of Axiom undergo conversion from numerical phenomena into sonic parameters observable by man while preserving the circularity of their boundaries, resonant with those of the human circumstance.

Any edge of a Möbius strip is topologically equivalent to a circle. Axiom similarly admits a complete metric of constant negative curvature, Take the subset of the upper half-plane between any two nested semicircles, and identify the outer semicircle with the left-right reversal of the inner semicircle. The result is topologically a complete and non-compact Axiom. Axiom may also be observed in the Cartesian fold, where it may emerge as another non-orientable umbilic Torus-like structure. This is an intrinsic property of a Möbius strip itself. In Axiom’s circumstance, a permutation of Lamentations 3: 2—6 emerges from this transformation: “Il m’a conduit, mené dans les ténèbres, Et non dans la lumière. Contre moi il tourne et retourne sa main, Tout le jour. Il a fait dépérir ma chair et ma peau, Il a brisé mes os. Il a bâti autour de moi, Il m’a environné de poison et de douleur. Il me fait habiter dans les ténèbres, Comme ceux qui sont morts dès longtemps.”

Advanced tickets are still available.

Untitled Zine sponsors Initial Shock

Another one of our generous and supportive sponsors is Untitled Zine, a pro-printed Canadian zine dedicated to covering unique voices in contemporary harsh noise, experimental, drone, and the avant-garde. Edited by Chris Gibson and Noah Gadke, each issue is rich with articles, essays, reviews and interviews penned by artists and fans of all ilks across the experimental music landscape. It’s refreshing to see the amount of care and hard work that goes into each issue, and the formidable list of seasoned contributors continues to satiate a growing number of supportive readers.

The latest issue of Untitled is their largest yet and features a bevy of artists such as Mattias Gustaffson (Altar of Flies, Barstool Mountain), GX Juppiter-Larsen (The Haters), Barrett E. Leddiard (who will be performing at Initial Shock as TOANCHE DWELLING) and many more.

Untitled has generously donated copies of their four most recent issues to be won as part of our raffle draw the night of the fest. Issues can also be purchased through Scream & Writhe and Untitled Zine themselves.

B.P. at Initial Shock

Headlining the daytime show at Initial Shock on July 1 is B.P. (Bret Parenteau), an artist from Winnipeg, MB, Treaty 1 Territory. He is head of the Makade Star label, a tape label solely focused on local experimental artists present and past. He helped compose the soundtrack to Métis filmmaker Rhayne Vermette’s “Ste. Anne” (2021). Also currently active in ambient / tape music duos, Ardor & North Shield. Parenteau has released a steady amount of work across Canada, US & internationally. @b.p___’s set in Montreal last summer was a scorcher and he is not to be missed!

Advanced tickets are still available. Raffle prize packs will be drawn the night of the fest.